Term Project Outline

CE 394K Surface Water Hydrology
University of Texas at Austin

Southeastern Anatolian Project

by Sandra Akmansoy


Turkey has just completed the Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Plant, the sixth largest in the world. This is the start of a Turkish project called the GAP, the Southeastern Anatolian Project, which includes the construction of 20 more dams by the year 2005. This project will increase Turkey's agricultural production by fifty percent. Iraq and Syria have already formed complaints at the United Nations arguing that they have ancestral rights to the water in the Tigris and Euphrates; Iraq has even gone as far as threatening Turkey with war.


"Turkey believes that an equitable, rational and optimum utilization of water resources can be achieved through a scientific study which will determine the true water needs of each country" explained a Foreign Ministry spokesman. Since I will be working on this project for two classes, I have the opportunity to really go in depth on this project. The following are my three main objectives.

The last topic will be addressed using GIS to show the flow in the Euphrates and Tigris during the different seasons. If I can find the necessary data, I also want to use GIS to show the flow in the Euphrates and Tigris before and after the Ataturk Dam was built. The first two objectives will be addressed by taking into account treaties, customs, general principles of law , and laws made by the International Court of Justice.


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