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Atmospheric Circulaton Explanation from University of Illinois, Dept of Atmospheric Sciences




Animation of Monthly Sea Surface Temperature Fields




Animation of Monthly Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies




The temperature anomaly at a location is the difference between the current value and the long-term average value at that location


El Nino Southern Oscillation Simulation (ENSO)


ENSO is a phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean whereby on about an 11 year cycle the Eastern and Western sides of the ocean oscillate in temperature and elevation. This influences weather over North America and produces sustained flooding periods during the El Nino phase. El Nino = hot surface temperature, La Nina = cold surface temperature




Saturated Vapor Pressure Definitions





Diurnal Variation in Relative Humidity




Vertical Temperature Profiling


For San Antonio http://orbit35i.nesdis.noaa.gov/goes/soundings/skewt/html/sanant.html

Map of places where temperature profiling is done



Explanation of SkewT Charts for Vertical Temperature Profiles



Atmospheric Water Animation from the GOES Satellite (4hr)

The product displayed is the total atmospheric precipitable water vapor value. (Precipitable water is the amount of liquid water, in millimeters, if all the atmospheric water vapor in the column is condensed.) The value is color-coded with browns being the driest and reds being the most moist. Clouds are represented as a gray color (see the color bar at the bottom of the image).



Precipitable Water Forecasts




Contour maps of precipitable water forecasts from NCEP. Values are in mm.