CE 374K Hydrology

Fall Semester 1997

Course Curriculum

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Instructor: David R. Maidment
Class Hours: MWF 9-10, WEL 2.304
Office Hours: MF 1-3, ECJ 8.612
Telephone: (512)471-4620
Email: maidment@crwr.utexas.edu
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Letter grades will be based on the weighted average specified above and assigned as follows:

There will be no make-up exams or incomplete grades in this course. I reserve the right to change the date of a quiz with notice in advance. Course instructor evaluation will be by the usual College of Engineering procedures.

Course text

"Applied Hydrology", by V.T. Chow, D.R. Maidment, and L.W. Mays, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1988.


Homework assignments are due in by 5PM on the date assigned. There is a box outside my door in ECJ 8.6 for turning in assignments after the class hour if necessary. Homework must be done on clean paper, must be stapled at the top left corner, and have your name written on the top right corner, and your name, class and assignment number written on the outside when the homework is folded in half.

Course objectives

This course is designed to present:

Course Outline for CE 374K: Hydrology

Fall 1997

The Hydrologic Cycle
Weds Aug 27 Introduction to hydrology
Fri Aug 29 Mass balance, continuity equation
Labor Day Vacation
Weds Sept 3 Momentum principle, flow equations
Fri Sept 5 Energy balance, transport equations
Mon Sept 8 Atmospheric circulation
Weds Sept 10 Precipitation processes
Fri Sept 12 Precipitation measurement and data
Mon Sept 15 Guest lecture
Weds Sept 17 Evaporation and Evapotranspiration
Fri Sept 19 Evaporation measurement and data
Mon Sept 22 Soil classification and water properties
Weds Sept 24 Infiltration and soil water movement
Fri Sept 26 Green-Ampt Equation
Mon Sept 29 Review
Weds Oct 1 QUIZ
Runoff and River Flows
Fri Oct 3 Guest Lecture: Sheryl Franklin
Mon Oct 6 Runoff Processes
Weds Oct 8 Guest lecture: Tom Loomis
Fri Oct 10 Watershed and stream network delineation on the Guadalupe Basin
Mon Oct 13 Unit hydrograph
Weds Oct 15 Runoff hydrograph computation
Fri Oct 17 Reservoir routing
Mon Oct 20 Muskingum method
Weds Oct 22 Kinematic wave
Fri Oct 24 Dynamic wave
Mon Oct 27 Guest lecture
Weds Oct 29 Review
Fri Oct 31 QUIZ
Hydrologic Design
Mon Nov 3 Statistical characterization of hydrologic data
Weds Nov 5 Frequency analysis of extreme events
Fri Nov 7 Frequency analysis of extreme events
Mon Nov 10 Probability plotting and Water Resources Council Method
Weds Nov 12 Hydrologic design levels
Fri Nov 14 Introduction to HEC-HMS
Mon Nov 17 Design of detention ponds
Weds Nov 19 Design of water supply systems
Fri Nov 21 Review
Mon Nov 24 QUIZ
Weds Nov 26 Design for water quality enhancement
Thanksgiving Vacation!!
Mon Dec 1 Nonpoint source pollution assessment
Weds Dec 3 Spatial hydrologic modeling using GIS
Fri Dec 5 Course evaluation and review for final exam

Final Exam: Thurs Dec 11, 9 AM - 12 noon