CE 311K Computer Methods    Term Project Proposals     Spring 2002




Cynthia Adcock

Architectural calculations for a house

Steven Austin

Traffic Light Signals at Highway Intersections

Manju Babu

Urban runoff

Kevin Bailey

Length of shadow of a building

Jeffrey Brown

Cooling rates of canned beverages

Roberto Bustamante

Asphalt pavement design

Jose Cantu

Thermal Expansion and Contraction of Steel

Miguel Correa

Architectural calculations for a house

Christina Dilly

Economics of buying a car vs leasing a car

Bradley East

Forces on bridges and dams

Marc Epperly

Bridge building

James Felan

Winching a vehicle over an obstacle

Juliana Froelich

Submergence of a cylinder floating in the ocean

Dmitry Gabrielov

Forces on a girder

Mercedes Garza

Winching a car over an obstacle

Joydeep Goswami

Economic analysis of engineering projects

Reginald Hawkins

Design of roadway curves

Tyson Hounsel

Volume of cut and fill in landscape design

Alastair Jenkin

Axially loaded bars

Sarah Lothman

Forty acres shuttle bus route

Charles Marsh

Design of roadway intersections

Danielle Martin

Angle of sunlight for a home design

Jason Mazoch

Forces on steel rods

Shawn Moderow

Rate of Pouring of Concrete

Daniel Nickel

Pressures on objects submerged in the ocean

Mary Norris

Concrete and masonry cost estimator

Ann Peche

Water sources: aquifers vs reservoirs

Ediana Quijada

Weight of the roof of a house

Jeffrey Rainey

Fluid flow and gas flow through sand

Robert Regalado

Winching vehicles over an obstruction

Garrett Ryan

Recreational Dive Planner

Felipe Tudtud

Deflection of steel bridge beams

Justin Vaughan

Forces on turning vehicles

Taw Welton

Height of fluid in a cylinder

Serene Wongsa

Concrete mixture calculator


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