Troy Kimmel, KEYE Austin

Geography – is a study of people and place – where am I?  If there is a weather warning for Southeast Travis County, do I live in Southeast Travis county?   Could we get a map of the NWS weather service polygons so that if there is a warning for Southeast Travis County, then the TV meteorologist can show on screen where Southeast Travis County is.

Risk Assessment – NWS must the sole issuing agency for watches and warnings – sole source.  How do web services play into this.  How do we help me understand the risk that I face?  The call to action for a warning should be in the top of the warning message. This goes to the crawl message at the bottom of the TV screen.  People care about what NWS Hydrologists say so how can we get their personal messages out onto the screen.  Its not what Nexrad says its what Paul Yura says that matters.   You need real-time ground reports to provide compelling evidence. Don’t wait for the federal government to do its thing.   San Antonio says that we have all these railroad arms that we can put down to prevent people traversing, and if they go through a low water crossing and get rescued it costs $600.   The word is out about that.  That gets people to pay attention.

TV Technology -- We’re going to need this technology because people who sell technology to TV stations haven’t talked to us.  We can’t depend on our weather vendors.  They have cool images but its often not what we need.  LCRA data is now distributed through MADIS


Comments by Jim Rumbo – many people can’t read maps.  What is needed is iconography so that you show with images what you want peole to see.