Statistics in Water Resources

Spring Semester 2009

University of Texas at Austin





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Minimum recommended: Base SAS 9.1.3 Procedures Guide; SAS 9.1.3 Language Reference: Concepts; SAS/STAT 9.1 User's Guide

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Course Schedule:


Session 1.  Thurs Jan 22 Introduction to Statistics in Water Resources   Slides: StatWRLecture1.ppt   Reading: Helsel and Hirsch Chapter 1


Session 2.  Tues Jan 27  Statistical Parameters  Slides: StatWRLecture2.ppt  Spreadsheets:  HydroExcel   Reading: Helsel and Hirsch Sections 2.1 to 2.3


Session 3.   Thurs Jan 29  Exercise 1:  Exploring Time Series Data with HydroExcel  Ex1HydroExcel.doc   Ex1HydroExcel.mht  StatWRLecture3.ppt  Ex1Soln.doc Ex1Soln Spreadsheet


Session 4.  Tues Feb 3  Fitting a Probability Distribution to Data  StatWRLecture4.ppt  


Session 5.  Thurs Feb 5  Exercise 2: Fitting Probability Distributions   Ex2Distributions.doc  Ex2Distributions.mht  ColoFlowDist.xls StatWRLecture5.ppt H&HChap4.pdf  Ex2Soln.doc


Session 6.  Tues Feb 10   T-distribution and Hypothesis testing  StatWRLecture6.ppt


Session 7.  Thurs Feb 12   Exercise 3: Testing the Homogeneity of Suspended Sediment Datasets   Exercise3.doc  Exercise3.mht  Ex3Data.xls  Original Data SedimentData.xls  StatWRLecture7.ppt  Ex3Soln.doc  Ex3Spreadsheet


Session 8.  Tues Feb 17  Correlation   StatWRLecture8.ppt


Session 9.  Thurs Feb 19  Exercise 4: Correlation of Streamflow    Ex4Correlation.doc  Ex4Correlation.mht  StatWRLecture9.ppt  Ex4Soln.doc  Ex4Spreadsheet


Session 10.  Thurs Feb 26  Exercise 5: Analyzing Trends    Ex5Trends.doc  Ex5Trends.mht   Ex5Data.xls  StatWRLecture10.ppt Ex5Soln.doc Ex5Spreadsheet


Session 11.  Tues Mar 3  Regression  StatWRLecture11.ppt


Session 12.  Tues Mar 3 Time Series  StatWRLecture12.ppt


Session 13.  Thurs Mar 5  ANOVA and Fourier Series   StatWRLecture13.ppt   ExFourier.doc  ExFourier.mht  ExFourierData.xls  Ex3ANOVA.xls


Session 14.  Tues March 10 Review for the Midterm Exam   Review2009.doc  StatWRReview.ppt


Session 15.  Thurs March 12.  Midterm Exam


Session 16.  Tues March 24 Flow and water quality: the SPARROW model  1997SparrowPaper  NitrogeninGulfofMexicoPaper   Sparrow.xls  StatWRLecture16.ppt


Session 17.  Thurs March 26  Exercise 7 SPARROW  Ex7.doc  Ex7.mht  Ex7Soln.doc


Session 18.  Tues March 31  Order statistics and extreme values (Dr William Asquith) AsquithOrderStatistics.pdf


Session 19.  Thurs April 2  Exercise 8  Flood Frequency Analysis   Ex8.doc  Ex8.mht  FloodMapAccuracy.ppt Ex8Soln.doc


Session 20.  Tues April 7  Introduction to Spatial Statistics (Ernest To)  StatWRLecture20.ppt


Session 21.  Thurs April 9   Exercise 9 Geostatistical Analysis  Ex9.doc  Ex9.mht


Session 22.  Tues April 14   Variation in space and time   StatWRLecture22.ppt


Session 23.  Thurs April 16   Exercise 10 Precipitation Patterns in Space and Time  Ex10.doc  Ex10.mht  NetCDF.ppt


Session 24.  Tues April 21  Dr Will Asquith: Statistical Studies of Texas Hydrology  StatWRLecture24.ppt  Hydrologic Statistics Notes


Session 25.  Thurs April 23  Dr Will Asquith: Nonparametric and circular statistics  StatWRLecture25.ppt


Session 26.  Tues April 28   Term Paper Presentations: Hydrology and Water Resources


Session 27.  Thurs April 30  Term Paper Presentations: Water Quality


Session 28.  Tues May 5.  Term Paper Presentations: Weather and Climate


Session 29.  Tues May 5.  Term Paper Presentations: Rivers and Streams


Session 30.  Thurs May 7  Term Paper Presentations: Coastal Studies