CE 394K.2 Surface Water Hydrology

Spring Semester 2010

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment




Course Syllabus: GradHydroSyllabus2010.doc  GradHydroSyllabus2010.htm


Course Schedule: GradHydroSchedule2010.htm


Term Project List: TermProjList.htm


Term Paper Instructions:  TPInstructions.doc  TPInstructions.htm


Final Exam:  HydroFinal2010.doc


Session 1: Tues Jan 19 Introduction to Course and the Hydrologic Cycle   Reading: Chapter 1 of Applied Hydrology and of the Handbook of Hydrology Hmwk1.doc   Slides: Lecture12010.ppt


Session 2: Thurs Jan 21 Hydrologic Systems Hydrologic Systems.pptx   Example2.3.1.xlsb  Simulation of the hydrologic cycle: https://webspace.utexas.edu/aat669/Watercycle.mpg.mpg


Session 3: Tues Jan 26 Mass, Momentum and Energy MassMomentumEnergy.ppt    Homework: MidwestFlood1.docx   MidwestFlood1.mht Midwest.xls


Session 4: Thurs Jan 28 Atmospheric Water   Atmoswater.ppt


Session 5: Tues Feb 2  Precipitation  Precipitation.ppt   Hmwk3.docx   Hmwk3.mht   Rainfall.gdb.zip  SFWMD_Nexrad.pdf


Session 6: Thurs Feb 4  Evaporation   FluxTowers.ppt


Session 7:  Tues Feb 9 Soil Water Balance  SoilWaterBalance.ppt   Homework: SoilWaterBalance.doc  SoilWaterBalance.mht   Data: SoilWaterData.xls  ProjectIdeas.ppt


Session 8:  Thurs Feb 11 Infiltration.   Infiltration.ppt   Matlab Exercise for soil water movement    Matlab Code


Session 9:   Tues Feb 16  Runoff processes Runoff.ppt   Hmwk5.doc


Session 10:  Thurs Feb 18  Space-Time in Hydrology


Session 11:  Thurs Feb 25  ExcessRainfall.ppt  Time.ppt


Session 13: Thurs Feb 25 – Lecture by David Yates “Water Resource Planning Options for Climate Change” Yates.ppt   Hmwk6.doc


Sessions 14, 15: Thurs Mar 4   Hydrologic Observation  HydroDataSources.doc  HydroDataSources.mht   NASAORNL.ppt


Session 16: Tues Mar 9 Review for Midterm Exam  MidtermReview2010.doc  MidtermReview2010.htm  


Session 17: Tues Mar 23   Unit Hydrograph UnitHydrograph.ppt


Session 18: Thurs March 25  Flow routing  Routing.ppt     AWRA Keynote Paper: “Integrating Water Resources Information Using GIS and the Web” by Dangermond and Maidment  WaterThemes.ppt  Homework7.doc


Session 19: Thurs April 2 Hydrologic modeling HEC-HMS Quick Start Guide  HEC-RAS Users Guide  


Session 20: Thurs April 2 Hydrologic modeling OpenMI.ppt  


Session 21: Tues April 6 Distributed flow routing  DistributedFlowRouting.ppt  LIDAR.ppt


Session 22: Thurs April 8 Flood frequency analysis  FloodFrequency.ppt   Sanderson.ppt


Session 23: Tues April 13 Hydrologic Design  HydrologicDesign.ppt  GuadVic.pptx


Session 24: Thurs April 15 Design Storms DesignStorms.ppt


Session 20: Tues April 20  Flood Mapping  FloodElevation.ppt   


Session 21:  Thurs April 22 Term Project Presentations: Flood Management


Session 21:  Tues April 27 Term Project Presentations: HydroInformatics


Session 21:  Thurs April 29 Term Project Presentations: Watershed Modeling


Session 21:  Tues May 4 Term Project Presentations: Regional Hydrology


Session 21:  Thurs May 6 Term Project Presentations: Floodplain Analysis