CE 394K.2 Hydrology

Spring Semester 2008

University of Texas at Austin

Instructors: David R. Maidment



Course Syllabus: syllabus.doc, syllabus.mht


Setting up your course web site: webspace.doc  webspace.mht


Term Project List:  TermProjList.htm 


Term Project Instructions: TPInstructions.doc


Final Exam: HydroFinal2008.doc  HydroFinal2008.mht

Session 1 (Tues Jan 15): Rescheduled to Thurs March 20

Session 2 (Thurs Jan 17): Introduction to Hydrology. Review the course curriculum, course outline. Lecture slides: Lecture12008.ppt  Homework1: How much water is there in Texas? Hmwk1.doc

Session 3 (Tues Jan 22): Hydrologic systems and the Reynolds Transport Theorem HydrologicSystems.ppt

Session 4 (Thurs Jan 24): Mass, Momentum and Energy  MassMomentumEnergy.ppt  Homework 2: Surface water and energy balance of Texas Hmwk2.doc

Session 5 (Tues Jan 29): Hydrologic data sources and data access  HydroDataSources.doc HydroDataSources.mht 

Session 6 (Thurs Jan 31): Global energy balance and atmospheric water  AtmosWater.ppt Texas Water and Energy Balance TEWEX.xls

Session 7 (Tues Feb 5): Precipitation   Precipitation.ppt   HydroNexrad.ppt (Dr Anton Kruger, University of Iowa)  Hmwk3.doc  HmwkSolns.pdf Precipitation in Wikipedia  Texas Weather http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/txweathe.htm

Session 8 (Thurs Feb 7): Space, Time and Variables in Hydrology DynamicData.doc  SpaceTime.ppt        

Session 9 (Tues Feb 12): Evaporation Evaporation.ppt

Session 10 (Thurs Feb 14): Flux towers Flux tower.ppt   Hmwk4.doc Hmwk4.mht  ODMwsSRBHOS.xls  HydroObjectsSetup.zip Hmwk4Soln.doc Hmwk4Soln.xlsx Website on RTHNet: http://www.rthnet.psu.edu/

Session 11 (Tues Feb 19): Soil water balance SoilWaterBalance.ppt

Session 12 (Thurs Feb 21): Infiltration Infiltration.ppt   Numerical solution of Richard’s Equation (Ernest To) http://www.ce.utexas.edu/prof/maidment/GradHydro2007/Ex4/Ex4Soln.doc

Session 12 (Tues Feb 26): Urban Water Quality (Dr Michael Barrett) UrbanWater.ppt

Session 13 (Thurs Feb 28): Green-Ampt Method   Hmwk5.doc  HmwkSolns.pdf Modified WebServices Spreadsheet with Pivot Tables ODMws2007.xlsm  GreenAmpt.xls

Session 14 (Tues Mar 4): Review for Midterm Exam Review12008.doc Review12008.mht

Session 15 (Tues Mar 18): Midterm Quiz

Session 16 (Thurs Mar 20): Hypoxia (Dr Peter Sheng)  Sheng.pptx

Session 17 (Tues Mar 25): Surface Runoff Runoff.ppt   WaterQuality.doc

Session 18 (Thurs Mar 27): Urban Water Quality BMP’s (Dr Barrett) BMP.ppt   (46 MB)

Session 19 (Tues April 1): Hydrologic Statistics  Statistics.ppt

Session 20 (Thurs April 3): Urban Water Quality Analysis (Dr Barrett) Analysis.ppt  BMP.xls

Session 21 (Tues April 8): Water Quality Comparisons    Hwmk6.htm, Hmwk6Soln.htm  

Session 22 (Thurs April 10): Extreme Value Statistics  ExtremeValues.ppt

Session 23 (Fri April 11): Water quality field trip FieldTrip.doc

Session 24 (Tues April 15): HEC-HMS  hms.pdf  waller.zip

Session 25 (Thurs April 17): Making presentations HISDataServices.ppt

Session 26 (Tues April 22): Water measurement from space Strassberg.ppt

Session 27 (Thurs April 24): Term Papers – Urban Hydrology

Session 28 (Tues April 29): Term Papers – Regional Hydrology