Soil-Water Balance Calculations for an FAO/UNESCO Sponsored Project in West Africa

This research was conducted as part of the FAO/UNESCO Water Balance of Africa Project . This research project included a study of the hydrology of the Niger River basin in West Africa. As part of this assessment, I made a climatological study of the region using a simple soil "bucket" model. A description of the methodology and results for this study is available. In work related to this project, I recently traveled to Rabat, Morocco, to assist Prof. David Maidment in giving a GIS and hydrology short-course(Nov. 15 - 17, 1996). If you like, you can try a sample exercise for making soil-water balance calculations in Texas or Morocco.

Click here to see a paper related to this project that was presented at the 1997 ESRI User Conference in San Diego. Click here to see the slide presentation related to this paper.

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