CE 397 Flood Forecasting

Spring Semester 2015

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Syllabus: FFSyllabus.docx FFSyllabus.pdf


Job Opportunity: Aquastrategies.pdf


Telecommunications: ContactInfo.pdf


Term Project Presentations: TermProj.htm


Final Exam: CE397FloodFinal2015.pdf


Session 1: Weds 21 Jan Introduction to the National Flood Interoperability Experiment FFLecture1.pptx


Session 2: Fri 23 Jan Discussion of Conceptual Framework for the NFIE FFLecture2.pptx Assignment1.pdf


Session 3: Mon 26 Jan Concepts, Definitions and Data Sources for the NFIE NFIEConceptsDefns25Jan.pdf NFIEConceptsDefns.pptx


Session 4. Weds 28 Jan NFIE in a Nutshell NFIENutshell.pptx Assignment2.docx Preparing a NFIE-Geo geodatabase for Travis County NFIEGeo.pdf NFIEGeoSoln.docx


Session 5. Mon 2 Feb Halloween Flood Emergency Response (Harry Evans) AFDHalloweenFloodAAR.pdf HalloweenFlood.pptx


Session 6. Fri 6 Feb Flood forecasting and impacts FloodImpacts.pptx StreamRoad.pptx


Session 7. Mon 9 Feb Automating NFIE-Hydro NFIEHydro.pptx


Session 8. Weds 11 Feb Soil Moisture SoilMoisture.pptx


Session 9. Mon 16 Feb Term Project Discussion RiverChannels.pdf OnionCk.pdf RiverChannel.pptx SlopeLength.docx


Session 10. Weds 18 Feb NFIE-Hydro for Travis County NFIEHydro.pdf NFIEHydro.docx Data: NFIEHydro.zip NFIEHydroSoln.pdf


Session 11. Mon 23 Feb Standards for Sharing Information (Dr David Arctur) Arctur1.pptx


Session 12. Weds 25 Feb Water Resources Data Exchange (Dr David Arctur) Arctur2.pptx WaterML Standard, Hydrology Profile of SOS


Session 13. Mon 2 Mar Dam Breach Flood Zone DamBreachFloodZone.pdf (Chris Franklin and Bryan Chastain, UT Dallas) InundationMapping.pptx


Session 14. Weds 4 Mar Stream Definition GeoNet.pptx


Session 15. Mon 9 Mar Review for Midterm Exam Review12015.docx Review2015.pptx


Session 16. Weds 11 Mar Midterm Exam MidtermSoln.pdf MidtermSlides.pptx


Session 17. Mon 23 Mar NFIEAlabama.pptx


Session 18. Weds 25 Mar Speaker: Jim Nelson, Brigham Young University Tethystory.pptx


Session 19. Mon 30 Mar WRFHydro.pptx (154MB), WRFHydro.pdf (10MB) Speaker: David Gochis, NCAR


Session 20. Weds 1 Apr PIHM.pptx PIHM.pdf Speaker: Chris Duffy, Penn State University


Session 21. Mon 6 Apr Field trip to Austin Fire Dept, Harry Evans FieldTrip.pdf (3 hours) Oct13FloodSlides.pptx Oct13FloodSlidesVideos.pptx


Session 22. Weds 8 Apr National Incident Management System (Harry Evans) EmergencyResponse.pptx EmergencyOperations.pdf HazardMitigation.pdf


Session 23. Mon 13 Apr Review of progress with term projects


Session 24. Weds 15 Apr Joseph Gutenson, (University of Alabama).  He has 2 topics he will present on - the HAZUS work he did in the Montgomery, AL area, and comparison of estimated hydraulic geometries of gauged stations in AL


Session 25. Mon 20 Apr Flood forecasting in the National Weather Service, Ed Clark NWSForecasting.pptx NWSData.pdf


Session 26. Weds 22 Apr Shawn Carter and Angela Pelle (University of Alabama). Comparison of WBMsed, WRF-Hydro and VIC for Macroscale Hydrologic Studies.

Angela Pelle. Investigating the influence of land use/land cover change on flooding in the Upper Choctawhatchee River Basin Carter.pptx Pelle.pptx


Session 27. Mon 27 Apr Coastal and Hydraulic Laboratory (CHL), Mark Wahl, CHL CHL.pptx


Session 28. Weds 29 Apr Term Project Presentations


Session 29. Mon 4 May Term Project Presentations

Session 30. Weds 6 May Term Project Presentations