Setting up Your Personal Home Page

Here is what you need to do to establish your personal home page:

  1. Go to the LRC Home Directory Account Page, scroll down to the end of this page and fill in the form requesting an NT account. You will get confirmation of establishment of this account by email. You will be allocated 25 MB of file space along with your account.
  2. Prepare a file called home.html which serves to introduce your page. Here is an example home.html file. This file can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from in directory /pub/gisclass.
  3. Access your file space by ftp or directly from one of the machines in the Learning Resource Center and put the home.html file into a directory called /public_html that is automatically created within your NT account's file system.
  4. Your web address will be: where "username" is the user name on the Windows NT account that you requested.
  5. Overnight, a script is run in the LRC which detects the presence of your home.html file and adds your name to the list of students who have home pages.

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