CE 397 GIS in Water Resources

Final Exam

Spring Semester 1997

For the final exam, I want you to prepare four theme papers, each not more than two pages in length. The theme papers should be chosen from the following ten subject areas, the first five being drawn from the subjects presented in the second half of the Spring semester, and the second five from the subject areas of the term project presentations. Choose two themes from the five subject areas in each of the two lists:

    Lecture Material Theme Subjects (choose two themes from this list):

  1. Balance Water Quality Model
  2. Hydrogeology and Groundwater Modeling
  3. Spatial Statistical Analysis of Nitrate Concentrations
  4. Soil Water and Surface Water Modeling
  5. Remote Sensing and Cartography
  6. Term Paper Theme Subjects (choose two themes from this list):

  7. Water Quality and Wetlands
  8. Regional Planning
  9. City of Austin
  10. Surface and Subsurface Water
  11. Industrial Projects and Environmental Health

The theme papers need to contain the following elements:

  1. Goal of the Analysis
  2. Source of the Data
  3. How the data are converted for GIS use
  4. Analysis of the data in GIS
  5. Brief description of an example application
  6. Technology Assessment: advantages and limitations of the approach

Please turn in your completed exam by noon on Thursday, May 8, to the secretary in the ECJ 8.6 office.

Votes for Outstanding Term Papers

Attached to your final exam, please give me your votes for the top three term papers on the class web page. Assess them equally in terms of technical content and quality of presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions: maidment@crwr.utexas.edu

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