Edwards Aquifer Bug Fix


The Edwards aquifer coverage for Exercise 4 was a line coverage and it could not show the different aquifer types = 0,1, 2.


I have rebuilt the polygons of the Edwards aquifer coverage and now when you copy the Edwards coverage it has both polygons and lines (formerly it had lines only). When you add the Edwards theme to Arcview, click on the little yellow box behind the coverage icon and see that there are polygon, line and point themes that can be displayed. Click on the polygon theme. The line theme is the boundaries of the aquifer polygons. The point theme is the label points in the center of each polygon. We really don't need these lines and points.

Moral of the Story:

When you use Export to export a coverage so that it can be ftp'd to another location, and then Import to import it, you have to rebuild the polygons of the imported coverage. This is done using the arc command Build, ie. if you have an export file of a coverage like edwards.e00 you need to do two things to get it back in full condition:

Arc> import cover edwards edwards
Arc> build edwards poly