CE 374K Hydrology   
Spring Semester 2011
University of Texas at Austin


Syllabus:  CE374KSyllabus.docx   CE 374KSyllabus.htm

Session 1.  Tuesday Jan 18 Lecture1.pptx  

Session 2.  Thursday Jan 20  Hydrologic systems and continuity  HydrologicSystems.pptx

Session 3.  Tuesday Jan 25  MassMomentumEnergy.pptx   Homework1.docx  

Session 4.  Thursday Jan 27  Atmospheric Water and Precipitation AtmosWater.pptx

Session 5.  Tuesday Feb 1  Evaporation   Evaporation.pptx  Homework2.docx

Session 6.  Thursday Feb 3  Soil water SoilWater.ppt

Session 7.  Tuesday Feb 8 Infiltration  Infiltration.ppt  Some Information Trends HydroInfo.pptx  Homework3.docx

Session 8.  Thursday Feb 10  HydroDesktop Exercise Ex4.pdf (Dr Tim Whiteaker)

Session 9.  Tuesday Feb 15 Review for Quiz  Review1.docx   Review1.pptx

Session 10.  Thursday Feb 17 First Exam

Session 11.  Tuesday Feb 22 CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System (Dr Tim Whiteaker)  CUAHSIHIS.pptx

Session 12.  Thursday Feb 24  Runoff   Runoff.pptx  Everglades.ppt

Session 13.   Tuesday Mar 1  Excess Rainfall   ExcessRainfall.pptx Homework5.docx

Session 14.  Thursday Mar 3  Hydrologic Measurement HydrologicMeasurement.pptx

Session 15.  Tuesday Mar 8  Unit Hydrograph  UnitHydrograph.pptx

Session 16.  Thursday Mar 10  Hydrologic Routing  HydrologicRouting.pptx Sanderson.ppt Homework6.docx

Session 17.  Tuesday March 22  EWB Panama Project (student presentation)  EWBPanama.pptx ; St Venant Equations  StVenantEquations.pptx

Session 18.  Thursday March 24   HEC-HMS for Waller Creek  HECHMS.docx  HECHMS.htm Data for Waller Creek Waller.zip

Session 19.   Tuesday March 29  Hydraulic Routing    HydraulicRouting.pptx

Session 20.  Thursday March 31  HEC-RAS for Waller Creek   HECRAS.docx  HECRAS.htm   Data for Waller Creek WallerRAS.zip

Session 21.   Tuesday April 5 Mapping Flood Risk  MappingFloodRisk.pptx   NorthCarolinaStudies.pptx  TideTrends.pptx Readings:  FloodElevationData.pdf  MappingFloodRisk.pdf

Session 22.   Thursday April 7 Hydrologic Statistics    Statistics.pptx

Session 23.  Tuesday April 12 Frequency Analysis  HECSSP.docx  HECSSP.htm FrequencyAnalysis.pptx Data: Colorado.xlsx

Session 24.   Thursday April 14 Review for Quiz  Review22011.docx   Review2.pptx

Session 25.  Tuesday April 19 Second Exam

Session 26.  Thursday April 21  Low Impact Development (Dr Michael Barrett)  LID.pptx

Session 27.  Tuesday April 26  Hydrologic design and design storms  DesignStorms.pptx

Session 28.  Thursday April 28  Design flows  DesignFlows.pptx

Session 30.  Tuesday May 3 GIS in Hydrology  GISHydrology.pptx (Dr Tim Whiteaker)  

Session 31  Thursday May 5  Course Instructor Evaluation;  Review for Final Exam  Review32011.docx