CE 365K Hydraulic Engineering Design

Spring Semester 2015

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Syllabus: HEDSyllabus.docx HEDSyllabus.pdf


Bentley Course Web Site: http://apps.bentley.com/studentserver/home/index


Installation of Bentley Software: InstallBentleySoftware.pdf


Installation of ArcGIS Software ArcGISInstallation.pdf


ProjectTeams: ProjectTeams.pdf

Project Proposals: ProjProp.htm


Project Assessment: Assessment.pdf


Job Opportunity: LAN.pdf


Session 1: Tues 20 Jan Lecture 1: Introduction to Hydraulic Engineering Design Introduction.pptx


Session 2: Thurs 22 Jan Lecture 2: Flow in Open Channels. Normal and critical depth.


Session 3. Tues 27 Jan Use of FlowMaster for open channel flow design FlowMaster.pdf Assignment1.pdf OrificeWeir.pptx


Session 4. Thurs 29 Jan Flowmaster for orifice and weir. Design storm intensity, duration, frequency. IDFCurve.pptx


Session 5. Tues 3 Feb Rational Method. RationalMethod.pptx


Session 6. Thurs 5 Feb Stormwater Inlets CurbGutter.pptx Assignment2.pdf DigitalCampus.pptx


Session 7. Tues 10 Feb Geographic Information Systems WhatisGIS.pptx http://video.esri.com/watch/3646/a-better-future ESRIAccount.pptx


Session 8. Thur 12 Feb GIS for the UT Campus Assignment3.pdf CampusCAD.zip Map Projections MapProj.pptx Streamflow.pptx


Session 9. Tues 17 Feb Culvert Design Culvert.pptx


Session 10. Thurs 19 Feb Landscape planning on the UT Campus, (Kaethe Selkirk) UTCampus.pdf CulvertExample.pptx Assignment4.pdf


Session 11. Tues 24 Feb Stormwater Best Management Practices (Dr Barrett) StormwaterBMP1.pptx

Session 12. Tues 26 Feb Stormwater Best Management Practices (Dr Barrett) StormwaterBMP2.pptx


Session 13. Tues Mar 3 Review for First Quiz Review12015.pdf Review1.pptx


Session 14. Thurs Mar 5 First Quiz Quiz1.pdf


Session 15. Tues Mar 10 Review of First Quiz and Discussion of Design Projects TermProjectSuggestion.pptx


Session 16. Thurs Mar 12 Class cancelled because of weather


Session 17. Tues Mar 24 Detention Pond Design DetentionPond.pptx


Session 18. Thurs Mar 26 Review of Design Project Concepts ProjProp.htm ProjectFeedback.pptx

Porous Pavement Videos:

Permeable pavement design software


Session 19. Tues Mar 31 Pond Design using Pond Pack PondPack.pdf Assignment5.pdf RainfallRunoff.pptx Assignment5Model.zip


Session 20. Thurs Apr 2 Pond design in Pond Pack, HEC-HMS. Design Storms DesignStorms.pptx


Session 21. Tues Apr 7 Runoff Hydrographs SixHrStorm.xlsx TR55Manual.pdf Assignment6.pdf UnitHydrograph.pptx HydraulicRouting.pptx


Session 22. Thurs Apr 9 Review of Design Projects

Creating a HEC-RAS model of Waller Creek
Creating a HEC-HMS model in Brushy Creek
Design of Best Management Practices for Water Quality


Session 23. Tues Apr 14 Review for Second Quiz Review22015.pdf


Session 24. Thurs Apr 16 Second Quiz Exam2.pdf


Session 25. Tues Apr 21 Terrain analysis Terrain.pdf TerrainData.zip DesignProject.pptx Project Assessment Assessment.pdf


Session 26. Thurs Apr 23 Design for water quality TermProjectPresentations.docx Water Quality Impairments in Texas Design of Best Management Practices for Water Quality WaterQuality.pptx


Session 27. Tues Apr 28 Design Project Presentations


Session 28. Thurs Apr 30 Design Project Final Report Development (no class)


Session 29. Tues May 5 Design Project Presentations


Session 30. Thurs May 7 Design Project Presentations