CE 365K Hydraulic Engineering Design

Spring Semester 2014

University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: David R. Maidment



Syllabus: Syllabus.docx


Opportunities: RPSJob.pdf


City of Austin Opportunity: CoA.pdf


ArcGIS Online: GettingStartedWithAGOL.pdf


ESRI License: ESRILicense.pdf


Project Proposals: ProposalList.htm


Project Reporting: ProjectReport.pdf


In-class Exam Dates: Tuesday March 4 and Thursday April 17


Class 1: Tues Jan 14 (Dr Burgin) Urban Drainage Design UrbanDrainage.pdf


Class 2: Thurs Jan 16 (Dr Burgin) Open Channel Flow OpenChannels.pdf


Class 3: Tues Jan 21 Introduction to Digital Campus CE365KLecture3.pptx

Reading: CAEE Strategic Plan


Class 4: Thurs Jan 23 Introduction to Hydrodesign Hydrodesign.pptx

Reading: LowImpactDevelopment.pdf Chapters 1 and 4.

Reading: Hydrodesign and the Digital Campus

Homework: Reimagining ECJ Hmwk1.pdf


Class 5: Tues Jan 28 University closed because of weather conditions.


Class 6: Thurs Jan 30

Rational Method: Runoff.pptx

Reading: City of Austin Drainage Criteria Manual: Section 2: Determination of Storm Runoff


Class 7: Tues Feb 4 Flooding at the national scale Biggert-Waters 2012 Senate hearing (listen from minute 18:00 to minute 45:00) FloodEngineering.pptx


Class 8: Thurs Feb 6 Flood Impact NewYorkCity.pdf Hmwk2.pdf Hmwk2Soln.pdf


Class 9: Tues Feb 11 Flow on streets DeanKeaton.pptx TR55Manual.pdf
Reading: Chapter 3 of the TR-55 Manual


Class 10: Thurs Feb 13 Rational Method CurbGutter.pptx LIDARCrossSection.pdf KeatonLIDAR.pptx Hmwk3.pdf Hmwk3Soln.docx
Reading: Section 15.1 of Applied Hydrology (on Blackboard)


Class 11: Tues Feb 18 Scott Edelman from AECOM EdelmanQuestions.docx Edelman.pptx Jeddah Flood Video Jeddah Articles



Class 12: Thurs Feb 20 Flood Flow and Storage DesignProject.pptx Mueller.pptx RainwaterVillaCaliche.pdf StormSewer.pptx Hmwk4.pdf Hmwk4Soln.pdf


Class 13: Tues Feb 25 Dr Michael Barrett Urban water quality and Low Impact Development Barrett.pptx


Class 14: Thurs Feb 27 Review Session Review12014.pdf Review12014.pptx ProjectGroups.xlsx


Class 15: Tues Mar 4 First Exam Exam1Soln.pdf Exam1Concepts.pptx


Class 16: Thurs Mar 6 Design Project Development DesignProjectScope.pptx


Spring Break!


Class 17: Tues Mar 18 Review of Project Information CityofAustin.pptx McArthur.pptx Shearer.pdf


Class 18: Thurs Mar 22 Review of Project Proposals ClimateData.pptx HECHMS.docx HECHMS.htm


Class 19: Tues Mar 25 Exercise 1: Basemap for Design Project Exercise1.pdf CampusCAD.zip Homework 5 Hmwk5.pdf WhatisGIS.pptx


Class 20: Thurs Mar 27 Planning for Floods in Austin John Middleton, Andrea Bostrom, Jorge Morales, Watershed Protection Department, City of Austin) AustinCIP.pptx


Class 21: Tues Apr 1 Hydroeconomic analysis NCFlood.pptx


Class 22: Thurs Apr 3 HEC-RAS Open Channel Flow Model Hmk6.pdf Hmwk6Soln.pdf HECRAS.pdf WallerCreekXS.xls HydraulicRouting.pptx


Class 23: Tues Apr 8 Project reviews StormCAD.pptx


Class 24: Thurs Apr 10 Open Channel Flow PipeFlow.xls WallerCkHECRAS.pptx


Class 25: Tues Apr 15 Review Session Review22014.docx ProjectReporting.pptx Review22014.pptx


Class 26: Thurs Apr 17 Second Hourly Quiz Exam22014.pdf


Class 27: Tues Apr 22 Water quality and environmental monitoring in Waller Creek (Dr Kerry Kinney) Kinney.pdf


Class 28: Thurs Apr 24 Design Project Presentations Group1.pptx Group3.pptx Group12.pptx


Class 29: Tues Apr 29 Design Project Presentations Group2.pptx, Group4.pptx, Group5.pptx, Group7.pptx Group10.pptx


Class 30: Thurs May 1 Design Project Presentations Group6.pptx, Group8.pptx, Group9.pptx, Group11.pptx, Group13.pptx