A Conceptual Framework of Individual Activity Program Generation

Chandra R. Bhat and Frank S. Koppelman
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL



The research in this paper attempts to better understand the process by which activities are generated at an individual level.  Activity-based travel analyses have gained popularity in recent years because they recognize the complexity of activity behavior and view travel as a derivative of this behavior.  Most activity-based studies have focused on the spatial and temporal linkage of trips; that is, the scheduling of activities.  They consider the agenda of activities for participation, and associated attributes of the activity participation (such as mode to activity and location of activity performance), as predetermined.  This paper develops a comprehensive conceptual framework of the relatively unexplored area of activity agenda generation.  Such a framework will be valuable in empirical modeling of activity generation behavior.  A subsequent paper focuses on translating a part of this conceptual framework into an empirical model.