GIS in Water Resources

Fall 2015


Term Project Proposals




Emily Anderson

Sea surface height and chlorophyll levels in the ocean

Mitchel Bartolo

Stormwater controls in San Diego

Jonathan Batista

Effect of dams on evaporation and biodiversity

Patricia Bobeck

Sinkholes in karst terrain

Katie Born

Drought and Lake Travis

Julien Botto

Geological carbon sequestration

Meaghan Cuddy

Texas seagrass distribution

Sara Eatman

Urbanization in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

Julie Faure

Changes in land cover and population

Samantha Fuchs

Hydraulic fracturing in the Barnett Shale

Isabella Gee

Spatial patterns of fluoride in natural waters

Helen Gerlach

Coastal flooding in Brevard County, Florida

Oliver Haugland

Agricultural runoff and water quality in Northern Minnesota

Allison Hornstra

Drought and flood in Sacramento, California

Kyung Kim

Stormwater management in Chicago waterways

Anamika Kumari

Runoff and water management in the Bailadila Region

Jonathan Lasco

Flooding in the Philippines

Runnan Li

Environmental flows in Texas

Sandranell Moerbe

Hydrology of Kenedy County, Texas

Hoang Nguyen

Bivalve shells in the Chukchi Sea

Haytham Oueidat

Water scarcity on the Rio Grande River

Emily Poston

Memorial Day flooding in Austin, Texas

Paul Ruess

Mapping of water stress indicators

Luke Snell

Population and land use in Austin, Texas

Robert Spencer

Green stormwater infrastructure in Austin, Texas

Milena Spirova

Hurricane Irene in the Connecticut River

Frances Sullivan-Gonzales

Hydrology of el Gran Lago de Nicaragua and el Río San Juan

Sandra Sweat

Flooding in Boulder, CO, in 2013

Mengjia Tang

Land cover change in Austin-Travis Lakes

Jeffrey Watson

Hydrology of the Lower Colorado River

Hengchen Wei

Land cover and nutrients in the Mission and Aransas Rivers