CE 397 Flood Forecasting

Spring 2015


Term Project Presentations


Flood Modeling: Weds 29 April



Richard Carothers

NHD Cross-section feature extraction

Harish Sangireddy

Catchment modeling using PIHM

Corey Van Dyk

Model calibration and forecast error for NFIE-Hydro

Alfredo Hijar

Cross-sections for application of SPRNT


Topography and Flooding: Mon 4 May



Anna Kladzyk

Using GeoNet 2.0 for feature identification in an urban environment

Brendan Murphy

Topography and flood inundation in Travis county

Matthew Hiatt

Flow routing in WRF-Hydro

Alicia Sendrowski

Land use and flood severity

Madeline Merck

NFIE-Response in Cache county, Utah


Flood Response Weds 6 May



Xing Zheng

NFIE-River: hydraulic modeling using cross-sections

Cassandra Fagan

NFIE-Response in Travis county, Texas

Frank Schalla

NFIE-Response and social vulnerability