Outreach Events

March 08

Peer Advising

Help other architectural engineering undergraduates during registration periods. 

Sign up for an hour (or more) and give advice on professors, courses, and ArE in general.


May 08

Hands on Housing

Bluebonnet Blitz

Saturday April 26th

Meet in the ECJ Parking Lot at 7:50am. We'll eat breakfast, pick up tools and materials

and then proceed to the worksite. Lunch and snacks are also provided.

Social Events


February 08

Dinner and Bowling Social

We are getting together for dinner (somewhere along Guadalupe) and then heading to the Union for some bowling.

This will probably be in the second week of February.  Final date will be posted as soon as it is set.


March 08


Fireside Dinner with Dr. Klingner—March 28th @ 6:30

We are meeting at Dr. Klingner’s home to eat dinner and “talk around the fireside.” 

The date is scheduled for March 28 at 6:30 pm. Map will be available closer to date.


April 08

Volleyball in the Park / Friday in the Park—April 18th @ 4:30pm

In Eastwoods Park aka Harris Park


May 08

Tubing Guadalupe River with AEI—May 3rd

Meet in the ECJ parking lot at noon. We will carpool down to New Braunsfels.


Come to meetings for latest and most detailed info, or contact an PAE officer.



Other Events

Some other events might be Building an Alec or E-Week. 

More details to come as available.

Past Events