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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering - The University of Texas - College of Engineering
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EWRE Overview
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) is a dynamic educational and research program at the University of Texas. The heart of the program is the 90-100 graduate students who study and conduct research in superior facilities with 15 full-time faculty and an excellent learning environment. A defining characteristic of the EWRE program is the strong sense of community among the students and faculty. EWRE students work hard and play hard together, and thereby create lasting friendships that are both professional and personal.

The EWRE Program

The EWRE program, part of the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, has a current enrollment of 109 graduate students. These students come from all over the United States and approximately twenty foreign countries.  Currently, 59% of EWRE students come from the United States, 44% are female, 55% are seeking an M.S. degree, and 45% are seeking a Ph.D. degree.  More Civil Engineering Ph.D.'s receive their doctorates from UT Austin than from any other university in the nation.

The program educates engineers who will solve environmental and water resources problems by applying fundamental principles from natural sciences, mathematics, mechanics, economics, and other underlying disciplines.  Students are provided with the fundamentals so they will be prepared to solve both current and future environmental problems.  To achieve this objective, the program offers a breadth of possible research and study areas.  Our EWRE faculty is one of the largest and most diverse in the nation with expertise ranging from fluid mechanics to water resources planning and from pollutant transport to treatment processes. 

Major Areas of Emphasis

Treatment Processes
Water Resources
Fluid Mechanics and Ocean Engineering
Water Quality Management
Air Resources
Environmental Engineering Science

The graduate programs require no specific courses, so each student receives a tailor-made education.  The EWRE faculty offers a wide variety of courses, and students may choose courses in many other fields.  A list of courses is given under Course Offerings.  Once a student chooses a particular study area, he or she works closely with the faculty member or members conducting research in that area.  Faculty members guide each student's work throughout the graduate program.  Each student's program of study includes a balanced combination of course work, seminars and research.  Well-equipped research laboratories, state-of-the-art instrumentation and superb computation Facilities support the graduate program, as do cooperation and coordination with research faculties and laboratories in physical, chemical, biological, and social sciences and other engineering disciplines.

Campus Location:

The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Environmental & Water Resources Engineering
ECJ 8.6
Austin, TX 78712

Administrative Office: (512) 471-4921