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  Industry Partners support the mission of the Geotechnical Engineering Center. Partner companies and consulting firms provide funds that are used exclusively to support geotechnical engineering graduate students and their research work at The University of Texas at Austin.

Industry Partners at the Sponsor Level provide continuing, annual funding to support geotechnical engineering graduate students.

Current Sponsors include:
Geosyntec Consultants
RECON Environmental, Inc.
Texas Research International, Inc.

Industry Partners at the Supporter Level contribute financial gifts to the Geotechnical Engineering Center. In recent years, Supporters have included:

Golder Associates
ExxonMobil (formerly Mobil Technology Co.)

Benefits for Industry Partners

  • Partners receive exposure and recognition for their support of geotechnical engineering education at The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Partners are invited to present technical seminars on campus, where they help to bring geotechnical engineering practice into the classroom.
  • Partners strengthen their recruiting relationships through increased visibility with undergraduate and graduate students in the program.
  • Partners can meet informally with students; these interactions may lead to more formal interviews and recruitment.
  • Partners are invited to conduct student interviews on campus, with support from the Center staff and facilities.
  • Partners can interact frequently with the Center faculty through seminars, presentations, and research projects. Through such exchanges, Partners receive updates and practice-oriented findings from Center research activities and experience.
  • Partners are invited to participate in current or upcoming research initiatives lead by Center faculty and funded by outside agencies.
  • Partners supporting students at the Sponsorship Level can help define the scope of research work carried out by the sponsored student. Through this arrangement, issues of interest to the Partner can be investigated.

Funding from Industry Partners is not linked to specified research, testing, or analysis projects and services. Projects with specific objectives, work plans, and deliverables are carried out by the Center under research contracts with various public and private agencies.

If your firm is interested in becoming an Industry Partner of the Geotechnical Engineering Center, contact the center director, Dr. Jorge Zornberg at 512-232-3595 or

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