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  Below are the main ways to contact the geotechnical engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin. Click here to send us comments about the website.

Mailing Address:
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Program
1 University Station, C1792
Austin, Texas 78712-0280 U.S.A.

Important Numbers:
Phone: 512-232-3682
Fax: 512-471-6548

Office Location:
301 East Dean Keeton Street
Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall
Room 9.227 (9th floor)

Applying to the Graduate Program in Geotechnical Engineering:
You can access application materials, and even apply on-line, at the Graduate and International Student Admissions Center website. We recommend that you apply on-line as this procedure reduces errors and speeds the processing of your materials.

Alternatively, you can request an application and other information by contacting:
Graduate and International Admissions Center
The University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box 7608
Austin, TX 78713-7608 USA
Phone: (512) 475-7390

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